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 FLUO AND STEAM is pretty much a solo adventure and the word adventure is appropriate. One morning, I just decided to leave my innumerable doubts on the side of bed, I piled up my crazy ideas, my summer obsession and my strengths  in a bundle, put on my most comfy shoes and went for a long walk in jewelry land. The ride has not always been easy though. Doubts have resurfaced at times and then well, 2020 happened. But despite every struggle, this brand brought a lot of light and fun into my life. I am grateful. Expressing my creativity through design has surely helped me on my own journey to inner confidence and accomplishment. Gurl, you're getting deep, hehe!  No kidding, I really feel like I can be my true self, bubbly and candid while bringing a light breeze in the jewelry world. Feels sooo good!
Behind the name of this brand you can found all the essence. FLUO is for everything vintage related. I am an early 80s baby and you know, I witnessed the birth of fluorescent. I'm also an eternal nostalgic. I don't want any beautiful creation from the past to be forgotten and I wanted to bring some of them back to life through my jewelry. Fluo also refers to the bold and outspoken side of the brand. We question the world with our pieces and we shake things up a little, sometimes with statements, sometimes with kinky imagery and most of the time with humour and candor. It was important to me that my jewelry has substance, symbolism and also prone to some of the most important values of the human being. Oh God, I'm getting deep again, hehe! 
 STEAM is the sweet and dreamy side and for everything summer related: skin, woman body, sun, fun, water, breeze, love, freedom, beautiful memories...l  know I'm not alone with these obsessions, so I decide to blend them all in one jewelry brand.
 Just know that FLUO AND STEAM would not have been possible if I had not met key people on the road. A special thanks to Arianne, Mike and Normand who brings my crazy ideas to life. Thanks Victor for the beautiful pictures of the divine Camille. Also, big credit to Albert Camus for the spiritual inspiration. Finally, thanks to my angel, my everything.
I owe you the best summers of my life.
I love you.