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Inspo and philosophy

FLUO AND STEAM is born out of three passions: women, summer and nostalgia. In our first collection, INVINCIBLE SUMMER, we pay homage to the beauty of all women that bloom like flowers during the steamy season. The female figure is omnipresent in this collection on purpose because we LOVE women. In this spirit, we do all our jewelry for women lovers out there. So yasss, we are UNISEX. 
We specialize ourself in double-sided pendant necklaces. Yes, always a two for one baby! We also do hoops and rings for your cutie ears and fingers. Our goal is to create beautiful and fun jewelry that brings positive emotions and nostalgia to those wearing them. We really try to do more than accessories; we actually want to give hope while producing beauty. And for that, we use our lightful sense of humor because the world is way too serious right now and smiling more can't do no wrong.
By mixing vintage frames, modern designs, drawings and even religious aesthetic, we obtain very original timeless jewelry that really stand out. Plus, we promise that our statement pieces will boost your confidence! We're there to feed your inner fearless beast! We also put bubbly life quotes on almost every pieces without claiming to know the ultimate truth. We only speak OUR truth in a very candid way to empower, celebrate, inspire and open a reflexion.

It’s also part of our conviction to produce everything we can locally. To the exception of our chains, all our jewelry are handcrafted in Montreal, Canada. Even our packaging is made in our hometown out of recycled paper. We know that we’re far than perfect, but we try to limit the collateral damages of a production for the environment and for the local economy. We actually contribute to the prosperity of a few local artisans and vice versa. It gives much more purpose to what we do and we will always go forward in that line of thought. Always.


Now, do you wonder why we named our first collection INVINCIBLE SUMMER?
Because we believe that there is an invincible summer that lays inside each and everyone one of us that gives hope and drive to go through life with confidence and joyful state of mind; despite the clouds and the storms. Definitively a must these days...