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Material & care

All our pendants, hoops and rings are handcrafted by local artisans in the best conditions possible in Montreal, Canada. Our quality standards are very high on all levels; to the product outcomes to how we treat our people; we make no compromise.  We have so much respect for the work of art of our passionate crew, can I have a AMEN, seriously; thanks to them. 
We specifically choose sterling silver 925 and gold vermeil with durability and accessibility in mind. Even so, our materials are having a hell of an inflation these days, like every other precious metals, they stay the better two alternatives for both you & us. Knowing that sterling silver enters the category of precious metals; it's a noble material, hypoallergenic and makes the most beautiful detailed jewelry. It is true that it tends to temporarily tarnish, but with good care and cleaning, sterling silver will always come back to his initial tint and will last a lifetime. There is specialized cleaners on the market for sterling silver jewelry. You can also make a paste from baking soda and water, apply a small amount onto a cloth or soft tooth brush and scrub gently on your tarnished jewelry. You can repeat this process as often as needed. Remember, the key to keeping your sterling silver clean is to keep up with regular cleanings to remove tarnish as it builds. The good news is that the oils in your skin help keep sterling silver from oxidizing faster. So, wear your silver bling 24/7 or keep your piece in your FLUO AND STEAM pouch to keep oxygen at bay.
When it comes to gold  vermeil; it consist of a base of sterling silver 925 to which we add a thick coat of gold plating. We use a 14 karat gold plating for the perfect gold tint. By the way; vermeil has nothing to do with the gold plated jewelry on the market. There is a minimal plating thickness required to be call vermeil and this is not the case with regular plating. Gold vermeil is there for the long run. Again, with good care, the plating of gold vermeil can last years and years. And because the base is sterling silver, the jewelry itself can last a lifetime and can be easily restored and re-plated compared to cheaper materials. Perfumes, chemicals, water and excess transpiration are sadly not vermeil-friendly...that being said no skinny dipping with your favorite gold bling. I'm sure you get it. You can clean your piece by buffing gently with the polishing cloth included in our packaging and store it in your FLUO AND STEAM pouch.